Ready for some underground dance fun?

That’s exactly what Irish founder and webhost of Fiona Walsh is offering tomorrow night, July 1 at a destination to be - you know - announced (you have to sign up via their Facebook page or on their website to find out where it is, that’s what makes it underground) somewhere in the city.

“I’m throwing a party on the 1st of July,” Walsh tells Irish Central. “It’s a one year anniversary party for my website and I’m bringing – along with my producing partner Trilogy (famous for running amazing underground parties in New York) a DJ called Steve Rachmad over to play.”

“He’s considered the father of Detroit techno in Europe. He’s worked with all the great techno producers there and I came across one of his tracks maybe ten years ago in a compilation album and I became obsessed with it. It took me years to track him down. Tomorrow night will be epic.”

It all got started when Walsh was doing some coverage for her website and Steve was in the lineup. “I ended up talking to him on the phone and then I chatted to his booking agent and he’s a great fit for a Clubbers Guide/Trilogy underground party. So it’s happening,” Walsh says.

When you’ve listened to the same underground tracks by a celebrated DJ for almost a decade without flagging you know you have found a major talent. Though not everyone then gets to host an underground party in their honor.

We can’t disclose the location here because it is, after all, an underground party. You have to RSVP on Facebook or via the Clubbers Guide website to get the information.

It’ll be somewhere very cool in Brooklyn most likely. You’ll have the time of your life. Waiting are you waiting for? Click here to get started!