Embarking on the citizenship process is an extremely important step in your life. Why not be as prepared for it as possible? Consider registering for the IIIC’s Citizenship Class this January to help you prepare for all aspects of the process.
The six week course covers the various stages of the application procedure, an overview of U.S. History and Civics, and the interview itself. Members of IIIC staff also visit the class to talk about their particular areas of expertise and encourage potential U.S. Citizens to play an active role in the immigrant community.
Legal permanent residents (LPRs) who have lived in the United States for an extended period of time can find the course just as beneficial as those who have only spent the minimum required time in this country to qualify for citizenship. The information covered in the 100 possible interview questions from USCIS is broad and varied and the class provides a strong preparatory foundation or a great refresher for all students.
Class participants can avail of the expert advice of the IIIC’s Citizenship specialist in addition to attending class. The Citizenship staff can guide applicants through the 10 page application and help prepare any supporting documentation necessary to submit to USCIS.
The next Citizenship Class being offered at the IIIC will run for six weeks on Thursdays beginning on January 10th. There will be two sessions: an afternoon class from 1-3 pm and an evening class from 6-8 pm.
To learn more about the class or to register, please call (617) 542-7654.