Macy's New York: Black Friday
Relieved 'Black Friday' not some horrible tragedy

As Thanksgiving approaches I’m beginning to see why Americans call this season “The Holidays”. It would seem that the celebrations which an Irish girl such as myself would associate with Christmas begin on November 25th.

At the moment there are lingering pumpkins as well as emerging displays of red bows, fairy lights and holly around the city making it a bit confusing for a first-timer but there’s one sure indication of the festive season for me, and that’s the sales.

In New York, there’s no need to wait for December 28th for the January sales. It’s all about Black Friday.

I initially thought this was a day in memory of some tragic historical event but was delighted to hear that it is in fact all about shopping.
The day after Thanksgiving is D-Day.

However, it is called Black Friday for a reason as is not for the faint hearted. Apparently there are all night queues, people have literally been crushed to death and it’s all just pure greedy madness!

Preparation is key. Research, planning and focus are essential to limit the stress. Electronics always have the best deals and iPads are a particular target this year. Rumor has it that TJMaxx and Marshalls are selling them for $399.

That’s all grand but I have my eye on Macy’s and Saks. Clothes, shoes and bags galore. And sure Macy’s are only dying to give you money off everything and anything on any given day so I can only imagine what an all out sale would be like.

I’ve been told not to bother even attempting to hit the stores but with Christmas pressies to be bought what self-respecting bargainista could resist?

I’ll see how I recover after cooking my first turkey and watching my first Thanksgiving Parade and go from there.