On Friday the May 4 2012, the SMA Fathers hosted their annual Spring Benefit Dance at the Irish Social Club of Boston. The successful night was lighthearted with an estimated 500 people filled the newly renovated club and danced until midnight with the Dave Healy Band who played music for all the ages!

The SMA Fathers have served in the Archdiocese of Boston for more than 50 years and are friends to many. The generosity of the Boston Catholics most especially with the Irish community of Boston have helped bring dignity to many people in some very poor and war-torn areas of Africa by constructing churches, educating children and women, extensive health care units and the formation of African priests.

We are facing some of the most difficult economic times and yet, despite all, the Irish once again have shown their goodness and vitality by coming out in full force for the SMA Fathers! The Irish Social Club too, should be commended for its continued support opening the door to the many local non-profit organizations and for the Church. There is strength in unity.
May God bless in abundance all who continue to support the SMA Fathers.
Thank you.
Fr. Dermot Roache, SMA