The "troubles" in Ireland were hallmarked by identities of combatants cloaked in ski masks. Taking a page out of this book, it seems ski masks are now the latest fashion trend in hot hot Mexico, a country not known for it's ski resorts

In Mexico, just like during the troubles in Ireland, ski masks are worn by combatants to hide their identities. But in Mexico, law enforcers also wear ski masks to hide their identities, because retribution and payback are the name of the game. Innocents are not out of bounds and extended families are now considered targets of those involved in this narco terrorist war.

In Ireland where the violence was real and deadly, it was mostly in the name of a cause and to make a point for a political goal. Many had died for that goal in the name of freedom. The endgame was to gain power by those who were left out of the power structure. The violence brought to the table players that had previously refused to negotiate and a peace ensued.

Mexico has had an affinity for the Irish over the years and the Irish have shown a love for Mexico. Irish have always had a sense of fair play and when they saw the vast disparity between the rich and poor throughout Mexico's existence, the Irish people could understand and would want to see that disparity end. Besides that, Irish and Mexicans share a Catholic religion that tie us together, in unique cultural ways.

So when we see the violence that is plaguing Mexico, some see it as symptomatic of the disparity between the haves and have nots in that country. Violence cloaked in a narco terrorist war being fueled by Americas insatiable thirst for illegal drugs.

In parts of Mexico drug cartels are looked upon by local citizens as their own government, dispensing jobs, financial help, protection, civic improvements and some form of justice.

There are more than two sides to this violent battle going on for the control of Mexico. It is many sided, there are rival drug cartels as well as the government of Mexico itself who are struggling for control of the country. Many would argue that this violence and so called "drug war" would never have germinated if Mexico had governed its citizens fairly all along. Mexico has vast natural resources and beauty, but wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few. The "poor" lifestyle in the United States would be considered "rich" in most parts of Mexico.

Violence in the form of beheadings, mass murder and car bombs, are becoming Mexico's trademark. You can stand on the edge of the Rio Grande and look across that river to Mexico. If you are near the once sleepy towns of Juarez, or Nuevo Laredo, better wear your Kevlar vest, because bullets are flying.
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Mexico's President, Felipe Calderone, has repeatedly asked for Americas help in quelling this violence. His requests have not been so much for military support, but for America to do something about the great thirst for the illegal drugs that flow across the border from Mexico to the USA. In that vein, there have been many calls for the decriminalization of drugs in the United States. If this could be accomplished there would be an instantaneous quelling of Americas thirst for illegal drugs, because those illegal drugs would now be "legal and this would probably neutralize a lot of the violence in Mexico.

However this turns out, the narco/drug wars are symptomatic of underlying root problems in both Mexico and the United States. Until those underlying problems are addressed, both countries will be at war....with themselves. It is time to sit down and address these problems that bring us the narco terrorism that is tearing at the fabric of both countries.

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