Allergies and sinus issues cause problems at this time of year
It is seasonal allergy time, and predictably sinus problems are on the rise.  People with seasonal allergies are at greater risk of developing sinus infections.  Occasionally, simple cold and flu symptoms will linger in the sinuses, and eventually result in a condition known as chronic sinusitis.

Typically, sinus infections and sinusitis are treated with antibiotics, antihistamines, and decongestants.  While these agents are sometimes effective in the short term, symptoms of sinusitis often return, leaving the patient both disappointed and frustrated.

One major problem with the standard treatment for sinusitis is that it tends to thicken the mucus, which in turn leads to further sinus blockage, pressure, and potential infections.
Therefore, patients with sinusitis need to consume a lot of good quality water, upwards of a gallon a day or more. It is also important to avoid beverages that dehydrate the body.  Such beverages include alcohol in any form, coffee, black tea, and most sodas. 

It may also be helpful to clean the sinuses of pollen, pollutants, and irritants.  This is accomplished by using two different types of nasal douches.  

The first and most important nasal douching aid is the Neti Pot, obtainable in many drugstores and health food stores.  The sinuses are cleaned with Complete user instructions are included with the Neti Pot.  It is inexpensive.

For some, a more convenient nasal douching device is Saltaire's Sinus Relief, which is also inexpensive and available in most drugstores.  This Sinus Relief douche has a pumping mechanism, which is capable of flushing higher into the sinuses.  It is also easy-to-use and comfortable.

When the mucus is thick, and the sinuses are either very clogged or infected, steam treatments may also be added to the routine of douching.  An effective way to utilize steam is achieved by filling a small bathroom sink halfway with boiling water.  Two drops of the decongestant herb eucalyptus, (available in most drug and health food stores), or Vick’s Vapo Rub may be added to the steaming hot water.  A towel should be placed over both the head and the entire area of the sink in order to trap the steam.  Inhaling deeply through both nostrils, one at a time if necessary, will help to loosen the thickened trapped mucus from the sinuses.  After 5 to 10 minutes of steam inhalation, all lose mucus should be blown and coughed out.  This routine may be followed by one of the nasal douches.