There are some things about home that you just can’t leave behind, like Kerrygold, Barry’s tea and…the "X Factor".

The Irish girls and I are getting excited about the "X Factor" and now that the days are getting colder we’re having delightful Saturday and Sunday afternoons crowded around a laptop, drinking tea at the mercy of YouTube.

We’ve also been doing our part for the Cheryl Cole takes America campaign. One of my American friends is currently learning Parachute on the piano because he’s so obsessed! I can’t blame him. Anyone who has been on the cover of British Vogue twice is a legend. Even with red, Minnie Mouse hair (again) she looked gorgeous.

Another friend demanded that we all scour the stores looking for Rebecca Ferguson’s lace gloves.  I found them in Aldo on Sunday morning and wanted them myself. I let her have them. She’ll look cool but at least my fingers won’t freeze!

Luckily, Simon Cowell is taking the show state-side. Next year the American’s will take on Mr. C and co., with a lineup of judges that will leave American Idol in the dust. We’ll even be able to watch the show live and on a television – what a treat!

What can I say? Once a fan, always a fan.