Money makes strange bedfellows as we have seen over the years and the old axiom of "everyone has their price" comes to mind.

The Sierra Club has long been the crown jewel of the environmental industry, always at the forefront of causes and the darling of the left. The "Sierra's" are ready to fight almost any type of industrial activity.

But last week a toxic news bombshell exploded when it was revealed the Sierra Club had accepted millions of dollars from the natural gas industry during the period from 2007-2010 from executives associated with Chesapeake Energy. Chesapeake Energy, is an environmental nemesis of the "green" world and purveyor of "fossil fuel."

But it even gets more interesting as we find these funds were to be used by the Sierra Club to bury the coal industry in lawsuits and bad press, through their "beyond coal" campaign. Can this get any better? Yes, the Sierra Club was to promote the product that Chesapeake Energy is now rapidly exploiting through the fracking process, natural gas.

What better way of cornering the market and setting yourself up as the bully on the energy block than by knocking out or crippling your main competitor in the energy industry: Coal.

Coal has been the backbone for cheap energy that has fueled Americas amazing economic growth. Great improvements in technology, especially over the past 30 years have brought us to where you can look a modern coal fired power plant smoke stack and it is hard to tell whether it is burning or not. The air and water are cleaner now than they have ever been in the past 30 years due to great filtering technologies.

But that has not been enough for environmental groups and backed by the EPA they are waging war on coal. But 26 million dollars can buy you lots of friends, the lobbyists for the Sierra Club have been seen roaming the halls of congress spouting the goodness of natural gas.


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Never mind that individual chapters of the Club have been up in arms feeling betrayed that their organization of nature lovers had accepted money from the very industry they feel is a major purveyor of pollution into the environment.

Of course when this news was released, the Sierra Club claimed it was no longer accepting money from the gas industry. But it has been reported that Mayor Bloomberg stepped up with a 50 million gift to fill the breech.

This story gets more interesting as we find that Robert Kennedy Jr., a huge environmental super star and closely affiliated with the Sierra Club in shared projects, has been championing the use of natural gas and fracking, hand in hand with the Sierra Club. Did he play a role in the decision making process that chose to accept the donated money from Chesapeake in the first place? Environmental activists have been outraged at his appearance in ads for the gas industry and his groups’ promotion of gas as a ‘transition’ fuel.

The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

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