Searching for love online
Dear MTN,

That's it! I've had it with the Internet. I am a great looking guy, from what people tell me, I was born in Ireland 40 years ago and have been here for thirty years, I'm a successful business man, am financially stable, and want to find a woman and have a family. My time line to have the family is about three years.

I almost got engaged ten years ago, but saw too many red flags and ended it. For the past ten years of dating it's been hell. I meet many women, will have about a six month relationship with each of them. In the beginning everything is perfect, and then in six months or so, they change. One was a sex addict and cheated on me, one couldn't keep a job because she was lazy, one was a big drinker, one was addicted to pills, one was not my faith and it started to cause problems, but the last one was the final straw. After we dated for many months, I found out that she was unhappily married and was cheating on him. I asked her why would she lie to me in the beginning and tell me she's single and looking to get married and have kids, if she already had that with someone else. Her answer was pathetic. She basically said she couldn't divorce him because of her kids and knew if she told me she was married that we wouldn't have had such a great time together. She said she's met other men on the Internet who don't care she's married.

I'm done Maureen. Please tell me there is another way to find a normal, attractive girl who wants marriage and children without all the lies and drama. I don't even care if you tell me to join your program at this point. If you think that is the only way I will find what I am looking for, I'll do it. But please, give me some solid advice since I'm already forty and don't want to be going through this same sXXX when I'm fifty. 

 - Pat

P.S. You may remember my friend John that joined your service last year. You matched him up with a beautiful gal Mary and they are married now and had their first child in January. They say hi. I am also better looking than John and hoping it takes even less time than the six months it took you to make him successful.

Dear Pat,

Wow, I certainly remember John and Mary. They told me they were getting married, but they didn't tell me about their baby. Congratulations to them both. They were a pleasure to work with and make successful.
Now about you...I think you are right that my service will be the best place for you since you are looking for marriage, have your act together, and are nice looking. It should be very easy for you. Of course I would have to give you a free consultation first and tell you in detail about the programs and you would decide which program is best for you. Please call my office at 516-444-2861 and I will meet with you personally for your free consultation. Could you also please bring a picture of John and Mary's baby.

I also want you to know that what happened to you using the Internet to find a future wife is very common.
The Internet is best suited for singles that just want to meet a bunch of people, and don't need the marriage part, for whatever reason. Also, if someone has any addiction or has anything to hide, for example if she is married, they can use the Internet and it's cheap. Anyone can afford Internet dating.

I make sure my program is always the most affordable program, compared to the others in the city, but it is also still an investment in which only serious minded, financially stable singles can afford. I've always believed, the fee I charge does most of my screening process for me. All of the girls you met on the Internet, as you described them, would not be in my program for many reasons.

You will be only meeting very attractive girls who are also financially stable like yourself, and who are also looking for marriage when they meet the right person. I do all the work for you. I will only send you a potential match that is compatible to you and who has all the qualities you will tell me that you are looking for.

You will see her photo and a little bio about her and your only job is to say yes or no. Sound easy? I hope so. Since you are Irish you will do especially well since I have been nicknamed The Irish American Matchmaker and most of my clients are of Irish descent. You will also find dating girls that are compatible to you, will make the process much more fun and a lot easier. I have over 1000 success stories.

I am looking forward to meeting you.