It seems that President Obama just can't get a break these days. If it isn't a natural disaster sweeping in to break up his vacation schedule, it is a man caused disaster landing on his desk that he has to deal with. Some people think this is the reason for his many excursions to escape the White House and get out on the golf course or campaign trail.

But to add to the pressures of his job of dealing with a recalcitrant Congress, Greece reneging on its debt, stock market on a roller coaster ride, record high unemployment and a Mideast situation that could turn into Armageddon...The President has the taint of scandal growing around his administration and that can be the death knell for his aspirations of a second term. If he doesn't deal with them quickly and decisively they will develop a life of their own.

There are three major scandals now surrounding the administration of Barack Obama, each one big enough on its own merit, to bring down a President:

Fast and Furious: Previously written about on Irish Central is the unfolding scandal of high powered gun running to Mexican drug cartels. The scandal refuses to go away and so far the body count these guns are responsible for are two of our own American agents and hundreds of Mexican nationals. The Congressional committee investigating has complained it is not receiving cooperation from the Justice Department. The Fast and Furious reflects our failed drug policy

The Solyndra scandal: This half a billion dollar boondogle has many arrows pointing right back to the White House and needs to be dealt with decisively and quickly before it spirals out of control. Not only was the Solyndra loan guarantee by the Obama administration the poster child for green energy, The President even went so far as to personally visit the operation and praise it as the example of what green energy can do. It recently went belly up and it is being revealed that the backes of the company were campaign donation bundlers for the president and they were frequent visitors to the White House. Green energy stimulus bang for buck costs 5.5 million per job. Read more:

The Lightsquared scandal came to the surface after our four star General complained publicly that he was pressured to change his testimony. This is another technology company championed by the administration that would extend wireless broadband. The trouble is that it interferes with the GPS signals used for defense systems and aircraft navigation systems. But an even bigger trouble for the White House, is that the company seems to have ties to the Obama administration that show their executives were hefty donors.

Solyndra-Lightsquared-Fast & Furious

President Obama should address these troubling matters before they get out of control and cause his administration great harm. As Congressman Thad McCotter said in his interview with Irish Central, he thinks the Fast and Furious was a rogue bureaucratic boondoggle at the lower levels of power. President Obama should quickly nip these erupting scandals in the bud and take away weapons that his enemies will use against him. By attending to these matters now and directing full cooperation with Congressional oversight committees, they could not be campaign issues by November 2012.
See Congressman McCotters Irish Central interview

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