Mayor Bloomberg's proclamation that prayer services not be allowed at the Ground Zero 911 ceremonies........seems to be in the process of being answered.

Almost simultaneously at the time of his announcement that offended all people of faith, the east coast was hit by an unusual 5.8 earthquake. Although the quake didn't cause major damage, it shook the nerves of many, whose first thoughts were of another terrorist attack. Many were brought back to those terrifying moments of horror almost ten years ago. New Yorks Twin Towers were engulfed in flame and bodies of victims rained down from the sky.

Now a hurricane of biblical proportions is aimed at the east coast and it seems New York City will bear a huge brunt of the massive storm. Meteorologists have said winds of over 100MPH may hit the city and strong high storm surges are expected, which could cause huge damage to coastal areas.

As New Yorkers know, when there is a strong wind, it is super magnified when it gets in between the sky scrapers causing wind vortices and other anomalies. What happens to windows of skyscrapers when winds exceed 100 MPH? I hope we don't have to find out.

Of course many are now calling for good thoughts and prayers as the hurricane approaches the mainland. Some would call this a sort of foxhole religious reaction, but no matter what, people seem to reach deep in times of stress and find new religion.....Will the Mayor ask for prayer and good thoughts of Americans to protect his city?

Ironically ten years ago right after the 911 attack, President Bush arrived in the City and lead a prayer for our nation in a packed Yankee stadium. Millions of Americans stood with their fellow New Yorkers in that prayer, we were all New Yorkers then, united in prayer. Truly an E. Pluribus Unum moment.

Ten years later, the 911 ceremonies commemorating the attack will be a secular progressive dream and prayer services will be banned.

Mr. Mayor, how about hedging your bets and reconsidering your prayer ban? Wouldn't hurt anything or offend anyone except for a loud, easily offended vocal minority who want to bend the majority to their will.

Editors Note: Another quake, Richter scale 2.9, struck New York today, August 27, 2011 at 10:38 AM.

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