Posted by Kelly Fincham at 8/11/2009 11:31 AM EDT

So, "Sex and the City" is looking for someone to play a "naturally sexy big-boobed Irish nanny called Erin."


Just who (or whom?!) do they have in mind?

And who's this fictional nanny going to work for? Samantha? Charlotte? Miranda? Would either of these three characters hire a "sexy big-boobed Irish nanny?"

Is Sarah Jessica having a baby in "Sex and the City"? Is this the next plot "development" for her and Chris Noth in this worn-out franchise?

And if she is, given that Sarah Jessica actually has a home in Ireland, wouldn't she know that the "naturally sexy big-boobed Irish nanny called Erin" doesn't actually exist in Ireland.

One woman who won't be getting the role is the British, erm, model Jordan, now known as Katie Price.

Jordan, who has quite a substantial amount of cleavage, has been pooh-poohed for the role.

The British tabloids are having a field day slagging off poor Jordan/Katie for being "too old" (at 31!0 for the role.

"Insiders," and "friends" told the Sun "Jordan was never going to be able to play that part. She's deluded. All the botox in the world won't shave a decade off her.Bosses wanted someone fresh-faced, natural and young. Jordan is none of those things. She may have the big boobs, but they don't look natural."

The so-called friend (really, if this person were a friend of mine I'd un-friend them rapidly) added that the movie bosses thought that Katie was totally unsuited to the role.

"The character has to be good with children. Jordan might be a good mum, but she doesn't come across as a warm, fun figure who goes cart-wheeling with someone else's kids."

Which brings me back to the original question.

Who on earth is going to be picked for this role?