Perez Hilton reported yesterday that Forbes magazine has compiled a list of actors with the most male leads in films over the last ten years, and Irish-American Seth Rogen came out on top with 10 leading roles in movies that earned a cushy $892 million total. The Irish were well-represented on the rest of the list as well, on which Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, and Robert Downey Jr. also took spots.

Seth Rogen snuck into the hearts of American moviegoers with his endearing stoner aesthetic in movies like Knocked Up and Superbad, but he's breaking out of his chubby shell as superhero The Green Hornet in the film directed by Michel Gondry, now in post-production. I'll go see it, but I'm nowhere near as excited for that on the comic-book-turned-movie spectrum as I am about Kenneth Branagh's Thor, coming out in 2011 and starring dreamboat Chris Hemsworth.

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