The Irish International Immigrant Center applauds the US Senate for its vote today in favor of a comprehensive immigration bill that would, at long last, provide an avenue to legal status for the millions of people living and working among us who want nothing more than a shot at the American dream.

This bill includes the many thousands of undocumented Irish immigrants in Boston and nationwide. It also provides for 10,500 work visas annually for unemployed Irish people who are affected by the current economic conditions at home and would, together with their family members, be able to obtain gainful employment in the US.

The road ahead will be hard. While this is great news and a huge step towards immigration reform, it is important to remember that it is not final yet. It still is necessary to obtain agreement for comprehensive immigration reform from the US House of Representatives, where anti-immigrant sentiment is strong. All of us must stand together to continue the fight, for our Irish brothers and sisters and for all immigrants, who from whatever their home countries want nothing more than to live peaceful and productive lives in our country.

Please join us in supporting comprehensive immigration reform. Please call your local representative and voice your support for CIR. The time is now. If not now, when?
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