Conservative Fox News super star
Sean Hannity

Radio talk show host and conservative Fox News super star Sean Hannity, showed the world a side of him that the left would pretend doesn’t exist.

During his radio show Monday afternoon, Hannity called the phone number President Obama told the public to use for help with Obamacare questions, since the website doesn’t work.
Phone worker Erling Davis answered Seans call and proceeded to field the questions about the Obamacare roll out that Sean prodded her with.  
The friendly and good natured Davis truthfully answered Sean’s questions about the fiasco surrounding Obamacare….and it seems that was her downfall. None of her answers cast the Obamacare roll out in a good light, especially when asked by Sean if any of her callers like the plan and she said not really. Hear dialogue
Hannity had Ms Davis on his show today to ask if there were repercussions from speaking to him on his national radio show.  She explained the next morning, she was taken to a Human Resources meeting and told she was fired. The reason given for her firing was “contact with the media.”
According to Ms Davis, she was never told during her training that she was forbidden from taking calls from the media. “I was just out here trying to help everybody,” she told Hannity.
If you think about it,  Ms. Davis was doing a better job of informing the public about Obamacare than the administrations has been doing.  She answered questions about the healthcare system and its website  heard by millions of Americans listening to Hannity’s radio show.
Upon hearing that Ms Davis had lost her job as a result of talking to him on national radio, Sean Hannity pledged to send her the year’s salary  (26,000) that she would have made if she remained at her job and also promised to find her a new job.
Ms. Davis was grateful for the help from Sean. Being a single mother of two suddenly losing her job was a fearful event for her, but Hannity took her under his wing and protected her.
Hannity said: “I’m very sorry that you had to go through that. I don’t want you to have to pay a price just for taking our call. So I want to help you out here.”
This isn’t the first time Sean Hannity has helped out people that he feels need a break and has shown his generosity many times this way.  But he is also known as a generous philanthropist behind the scenes as well and many can attest to that.
But it also magnifies a stark fact that if you speak out against President Obama or his policies, you will pay a price for speaking the truth.