Hugely popular Irish American journalist, Sean Hannity, keeps hammering away at what he sees the left is doing to America. From out of control spending, to directionless foreign policy, to dubious vetting of the President, the pugnacious Mr. Hannity doesn't back down.

He proclaimed that American journalism died during the 08 election, which saw Barack Obama win the Presidency. Hannity has claimed that Obama received a free ride from the rest of the media when it came to many of his past relationships with dubious individuals. He has brought to light a questionable business deal with Obamas long time associate, slum landlord and convicted felon, Syrian financier Tony Rezko.

On the Hannity show last night, Donald Trump claimed he has done hundreds of business deals in which he has and will will receive massive scrutiny from the media, especially if he runs for President. But he says the one real estate deal Obama did with Rezko, had many strange and puzzling aspects about it and should have been investigated by the media, but never was.

Never one to back down from his beliefs, Sean Hannity again brought up Obamas close association with Reverend Wright in which he was a member of Wrights Black Liberation Church for 20 years. Some of Wrights incendiary remarks included " Godd**n Amerikkka" soon after 911 occurred.

Sean Hannity was also instrumental in bringing up the fact that Obama had a close relationship with Bill Ayers, the convicted terrorist who set bombs off all over America. Those bombs caused damage to institutions, terror to the American public and some claim, his bombs caused death. Trump said during the interview, he is almost certain Bill Ayers was the ghost writer for Obamas first popular book, "Dreams From My Father".

Mr. Hannity revealed that his network and bosses received strong pressure on them to rein him in during the Presidential elections. His network rejected the pressure and Sean continues on with his role as spearhead of the new 4th Estate, doing what the media is supposed to do, expose corruption and question the leaders.