During her recent trip, Sarah Palin declared to the Indian people and the world that "it's time for a woman to be president of the USA".

India is a great backdrop for the speech since it was the first major democracy to elect a woman as it's Prime Minister. Also and just as important, it stressed that Sarah Palin and her allies regard India as a first tier friend.

After her speech she fielded many questions from the Indian press and answered their questions in a "direct and forthright way". Asked why Obama won, she quipped "I wasn't at the top of the ticket, remember?

Then to reinforce her symbolism, Sarah and her husband Todd flew to Israel, another great democracy and firm ally of the United States. They stayed with the popular Conservative Prime Minister, Bebe Netanyahu and his wife Sara.

During their stay in Jerusalem, they toured a few of the historical sites with MK Dannon who said, paraphrasing: "When we toured near the Kotel and in the tunnels near the Holy of Holies, Governor Palin told me "clear things without hesitating". " She asked why do we apologize to the Muslims? She understands the importance of the place for the Jewish People, there is great support and I felt it in the tour yesterday."

Israel, the only real representative democracy in the middle east, is where the first woman Prime Minister in that part of the world was elected, their beloved Golda Meir. She was their guiding light and firm captain as she inspired the country through it's early days of conflict and triumph. The vow of "never again" still freshly burned in her soul.

In this short trip Governor Palin was able to accomplish much. She visited and made strong bonds with two of the worlds greatest democracies, who the Obama administration seems to be pushing aside. She also set the stage for America to elect a new President....Whoever she may be.