The most stylish thing to be wearing in New York on Saturday was a Santa costume. Yes, anyone who’s anyone was clad head to toe in red and white to mark New York’s annual Santacon. Not being one to miss a fashion trend I was there with bells on…literally.
The Santas congregated in various areas around the city. As I strolled up through the Lower East Side and the East Village I saw the odd Santa and reindeer scattered around the place and walking in different directions. Anyone not in the know would have been very suspicious. However, if they were going in my direction they would have eventually stumbled upon a mass of Santas on 2nd Avenue taking up both sides of the street and bringing plenty of Christmas cheer to the passersby and some confusion to their children!
The next stop was Central Park where a sea of red awaited us. There were bands playing, people starting Christmas carols (Fairytale in New York and Do they know it’s Christmas? are not well known in this part of the world – oops!) and mass chants of “Ho, ho, ho, ho!”
After that the Santacon leaders indicated via Twitter that we were off to the West Village for a few beverages. The subway ride was certainly interesting. It’s an unconventional Christmas tradition but certainly one to get involved in, although I’m not sure the Santa attire will continue to be popular next season!