Dublin native Downey recently established a non-profit called Irish Charities American Fund (ICAF), with the aim of harnessing the generosity of the diaspora in the US to raise much needed funds for select Irish charities. The ICAF’s inaugural fundraising event is the Run-A-Muck Challenge obstacle race in Ireland, with proceeds from the race program benefiting Irish charity, Children In Hospital Ireland. You can sign up now for this unique experience. To avail yourself of this fantastic opportunity to travel to Dublin and take part in Ireland’s most fun event, Run-A-Muck, all you have to do t is commit, through your participation, to raising a targeted amount for this great charity. (You can extend your stay in Ireland at your own expense).

Downey founded ICAF because he wanted to give something back to Ireland and feels there are many here in the US who want to do the same. The ICAF was created to support charities in Ireland affected by the recent economic downturn and reduction of services. By reaching out to the 36 million Americans with Irish ancestry and the 200,000 plus Irish born people living here, Downey aims to raise and deliver over $300,000 with this first effort.

“Irish charities are facing increased demands on their services during a difficult economic time,” said Downey, Founder and CEO of ICAF. “Our hope is that the vast Irish diaspora in the United States will represent goodwill and generosity toward their homeland of Ireland by supporting our mission to fundraise for Children In Hospital Ireland.”

Children In Hospital Ireland is an Irish charity supporting the welfare of children in Irish hospitals and their families. For over 40 years, the organization has worked with sick children to provide play, fun and support for young patients facing a difficult hospital stay in 20 hospital wards across Ireland.

The Run-A-Muck challenge is an outdoor cross-country obstacle event that challenges participants to jump, run, roll and climb through and over mud, water, barriers and trenches along a 10K course. This year’s event is on Saturday, October 19, 2013, approximately 30 miles outside of Dublin, Ireland.

Participants in the challenge will commit to raise $5900, or more, for ICAF prior to October 2013, in exchange for race registration, travel to and from the US to Ireland and accommodations for three nights in Ireland during the event, as well as necessary transfers during travel. Runners and walkers of all abilities can register to fundraise at the newly designed website: http://irishcharitiesaf.com/

ICAF has also partnered with The Gathering Ireland, a tourism initiative to bring those connected back to the country in 2013. IACF will be the only gathering over a year-long tourism celebration to raise funds for an Irish charity.

“Our mission for this event is multi-pronged and beneficial for all involved,” said Downey. “The Run-A-Muck challenge allows our participants not only to have fun and compete in Ireland—a country near and dear to their hearts—but they’re also fundraising for Ireland with a trip back home as their ‘prize’ and while there, they’ll contribute to and support the economy and tourism of Ireland, it’s a win-win-win.”

The Irish Charities American Fund is a new nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation headquartered in San Francisco.

For more information please visit: irishcharitiesaf.com
For more information on Children In Hospital Ireland, please visit: www.childreninhospital.ie
For more information on the Run-A-Muck Challenge, please visit: runamuckchallenge.com
For more information on The Gathering Ireland, please visit: www.thegatheringireland.com