The fashion is to pretend British royalty and British empire are harmless things, and were only dangerous long ago. We pretend that its invocation at knighting ceremonies and public spectacles is all in good fun and not manifestation of some weird aristocratic agenda to restore a world of dynastic stability.

The showmen that go along with the "Order of the British Empire" knighthood (Bono and Jagger) and the rebels and rockers that refused/returned the medal (Bowie and John Lennon) show how the fashion is tending us back towards towards acceptance of supremacy by the inherited rich.

Bono pays no taxes, dodges Ireland when rumbles say he should pay, and uses charity as moral teflon. Charity gives the rich excuse to party, assume moral leadership, and justify wealth-hording for themselves.

Wealth hording is the key explanation for human poverty--the super rich hide their money as aristocrats above the law ever-loyal to the figure head of the system that is f£$king over everyone else.

For most of human history we were peasants to royalty, and later, specifically, to the London establishment, which is more stable and enduring in many ways than Wall Street has ever been.

What changed that supremacy was the assertion of working class politics in the New World that gave the ethnic laborers a stake in urban American government, and it was the assertion of Republic over aristocracy in places like Ireland and other former colonies. The change has been brief--constantly interrupted by wars--and it is not guaranteed to endure.

It now appears we're moving into a new phase of global economic collapse, setting the stage for what will be for billions of people--neo-peasantry and neo-feudalism, with a technocratic overlay. There is no guarantee that anyone is in or out unless your blood is blue.

Exalting the queen as a harmless all-forgiving mother is wrong in the analysis and for the times we live. Hers is a tiny class that sucks up unreported and known-to-be exorbitant resources including expanding property needs (is she shopping in Ireland?). To pay for her family and her friends, the aristocratic classes which have aligned with the newer banking dynasties, have formed a class of people who require expanding human degradation--somewhere--to pay for and protect their growing needs.

The queen's job is to position her aristocratic class into a revised role of stability-giver as the world falls apart. She hopes to assumes a position of long-standing tradition in a chaotic world ruined by short-minded plebians playing at politics.

People are easily tricked into assuming this position of peasant. John Spain is already practicing, to quote: "You bend at the waist and keep the back straight as you incline forward to about 20 degrees from the vertical. At the same time a very slight downward inclination of the head is required. You hold that position for about two seconds and then straighten up again.
It's fairly simple, yes?"

The monarchy of England assumes an intimate relationship with forces of global banking and so works to exert nothing less than psychological control on an adoring frightened world that has lost faith in fiat currencies.

We must not down-play the allure of royalty in a world smitten with apocalypse and religious ecstasy, matched to material upheaval, especially a monarch whose face is stamped on money and goods across the planet. This is no doddy old lady. This is the sweet-face mask of a dragon class bent on aristocratic renaissance in a time of disorder.

The Irish should show the way, reject royal orders and new empires, and rock the Casbah everywhere the queen goes in Ireland.