Robbie Keane’s move to Glasgow Celtic sees him going to a team he supported as a child for the second time in less than two years.

Here’s hoping that unlike his dream move to Liverpool that rapidly turned into a nightmare he still arguably has to get over, the move to Scotland will reinvigorate his career.

To provide a little background for those unfamiliar with the number of teams an Irish child supports growing up, the average soccer crazed young fella from Ireland can support two or three teams passionately.

First of all there is the English team, in Keane’s case Liverpool, then there is the team up north in Scotland, which for the vast majority of people growing up in the Republic of Ireland is Celtic.

A third teams comes into the mix if the soccerholic in the household is a League of Ireland fan, and with Keane coming from Tallaght, he could well be a fan of Shamrock Rovers.

But I digress; if Keane’s move is anywhere near as bad as his time at Anfield then the Gods are truly against him.

At Liverpool, his manager Rafa Benitez didn’t really rate him, he barely got a run in the team and when he did, he couldn’t’ score enough goals to really make an argument for more frequent inclusion in the starting eleven.

(OK, I know he did well against Arsenal at the Emirates, but that was the exception rather than the rule during his stint in a the red of Liverpool.)

At Celtic, he will be starter from the get go, and in Tony Mowbray he has a manager who probably can’t believe he has bagged Ireland’s greatest goal scorer.

Mowbray now has a player who could actually start in a Premier League team.

And frankly, if Keane can’t score goals in Scotland then he won’t be coming back down to the Premier League any time soon.

So the challenge is threefold, win the fans over with some stellar performances, get a solid run in the team to regain the form that made him such a respected player in England and bag a load of goals so that come the end of the season a return to the Spurs bench won’t be all he has to look forward to.