A Church of Ireland Minister has landed himself in the record books after making the longest sermon in his church.

The marathon sermon lasted five hours and 50 minutes and was given on Saturday by the rector of Lambeg, the Rev Ken McReynolds.

Eight of his parishioners including his wife stayed for the entire duration while others popped in for sections to show their support.

Speaking after his record breaking sermon Rev McReynolds told the Belfast Newsletter he originally aimed for a six hour sermon.

"I'm a bit sore from standing in the one position for that long but the delivery went well," he said.

"I had been aiming for six hours but I was just short of it by around eight to 10 minutes.

"I had run out of material and didn't want to ruin it by going on. I kept going by taking small sips of water as well as honey and lemon to lubricate my throat," he addded.