The family featured in "Southie Rules" posed in front of a triple-decker house. (A&E TV)
"Southie Rules,'' a television show featuring a South Boston family battling the "relentless gentrification of their neighborhood,'' will premiere on the A&E Network on January 29, the network announced.
According to the network, the family will battle the onslaught of "yuppies, sushi restaurants and $5 cups of coffee.''

"To 'yuppies,' jumping in the frigid harbor on New Year’s Day, housing three generations of a family under one roof, or never moving from the home you were born in may seem ridiculous, but to this family, it’s not just routine – it’s their way of life,'' the site says. "These “Southies” are faithful to their legacy, and they’re not budging, unless they kill each other first.''

The show hits many stereotypes that are bound to rankle any Southie lover: a family owned tattoo shop, a "loveable mooch,'' an ex-husband and a triple decker.

The series will be produced by Somerville-based Powderhouse Productions.
The Globe reported in March that at least five TV series were scouting out Southie as a possible settings for their shows.

In a Globe article about the interest in Southie by filmmakers, state Rep. Nick Collins said he believes most newcomers and old-timers get along in Southie, and he’s worried the television shows will “try to highlight the negatives.”
“People who make TV like people who fall on their face. And they’re going to put these two sides on TV, and it will look like a longstanding battle royale that has to have a victor.”

Source: Boston globe