As Christmas is approaching and old and new traditions are celebrated, the Irish tradition of story telling and reading special Holiday stories are part of some great memories. My family always sat around the Christmas tree singing songs, my parents, Aunt and Uncle, were full of character telling us stories of Christmas in Ireland, all the children would entertain in song, music and dance….Great times….Great memories.

Michael Sheahan has produced his first StoryBook/CD/DVD. This classic new Christmas story brings families together in the ultimate reading, singing and dancing experience.

For millions of people around the world, the love of reading was born with a Christmas story. Who can forget the first time we read—or had read to us—Dickens’ A Christmas Carol or ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas or one of the other classic stories that bring the season magically alive? At the same time, who can forget the delight we feel while singing Christmas songs and watching holiday galas featuring wondrous dances?

That’s the all-in-one idea behind the ultimate new Christmas package, Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop. Through the merry character of Mr. Holidays, award-winning singer-songwriter Michael Sheahan tells children an instantly classic new Christmas story , performs the title song on a sing-along CD and has his friend, Broadway’s own Michael Balderrama of the hit Broadway show, In the Heights, show kids the new roof-top-hop dance steps.

Lavishly illustrated by Douglas Wright, Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop storybook/CD/DVD package invites young readers to read, sing, and dance as they share a never-before-revealed secret about Santa. As Michael Sheahan proclaims, its “hip-hop . . . be-bop . . . rock n’ roll . . . that brings joy and happiness to every soul.”

Michael Sheahan, a first generation Irish American and a retired NYPD detective, is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician. His love of celebrating the holidays with his mom from Co. Longford, dad from Co. Kerry, wife, from Co. Galway, three sons, brother, sister, brother in-law from Co. Tyrone and nephew inspired him to create the character Mr. Holidays, along with an entire series of characters, songs, books, and dances that cherish the values, warmth, and traditions of each holiday. Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop is the result of the collaboration of Finest Music, Finest Media, and Fine St. Records. Creatively working together, they provide this first book, CD, and DVD released as an all-in-one product by Finest Books.

Mr. Holidays presents The Roof Top Hop is available in Barnes and Nobles and other fine bookstores and can also be ordered on