Academics are often compared to masterbators--especially the ones on TV.

The porn that gets social science academics 'off,' is race. If there were a moratorium on race-talk in America for a month, academics and TV pundits would just stare at the camera like sex-starved prostitutes.

Newt Gingrich is both academic and politician. This week, his tactic against Barack Obama is to amplify the Forbes essay that professor Dinesh D’Souza wrote while wearing Kenya-goggles. The piece is called “How Obama Thinks," and it is just another academic fantasy about the inner psychology of a distant public figure.

The conclusion that Barack Obama is anti-colonial, or anti-British colonial is laughable, considering that his policies push war for American military colonies in Iraq and Afghanistan. His policies are pulled right out of unfulfilled British Empire doctrine.

Watching a Black president press war on Arabs should be enough to eradicate the American moral pretense which makes everything about race.

Race is the vehicle that academics drive into the "mind of America." By boiling Americans down into a few insanely generalized racial categories, the academic reduces America into typical persons. The academicky pundit then psychoanalysizes his racist cartoon in segment after segment until your eyes and ears bleed.

This happens so we don't ever actually have time to talk about colonization, sweat shops, the globalization of slavery or puppet regimes.

War is fine in this culture of racist theorizing. The details of economic deterioration are secondary to race angles on the phenomenon. If the "issue" can be dissected with race, American media will illustrate the hell out of it with every racial filter available.

Politicians swim in this identity-politics environment and look for more and more clever ways to trigger factional fears based on race.

That's why Newt Gingrich has endorsed this fringe academic interpretation of Barack Obama as an anti-colonial nationalist. It allows more racial deconstruction, under the less obviously racial category of "Kenyan."

Everything that can be said about the "black president" has been said. Kenya is a new way to say the same shit all over again.

The irony is that Barack Obama is anything but anti-colonial. This Black president is perfectly willing to go along with whatever you want to call the building of green-zone-emerald-cities in the Middle East.

The meaning of permanent American military bases aside, the fact is that Barack Obama's father was Kenyan. Kenyan nationalism, however, does not register on Obama's political spectrum. Kenyan nationalism is the furthest thing from his mind.

In America, Obama is allowed to have Kenyan heritage, minus its political obligations. He is allowed to claim Kenyan roots without having someone accuse him of disloyalty. America is a big stew with everything thrown in.

America is like the scene at Thanksgiving, where a Swedish smorgasborg is administered under Dutch rules of tolerance with neighbors bringing-over pot-luck made by English and Wampanoag mothers. To be multicultural, to be American, we celebrate each other, grateful we all got a place at the table. There is nothing so un-American as to scold others for retaining their heritage.

Barack Obama offers a little bit of Kenya at the American feast. Our Iraqi-American and Afghani-American neighbors might argue, as they pass the kebabs, that he has not brought enough.

It's sad that Barack Obama will now have to distance himself from his Kenyan heritage in order to seem more American. Kenyan liberation against British rule owes much to the American revolution. He might think to reflect on Kenya when he visits Ireland.

Newt Gingrich's endorsement of colonialism should be the real story. It is not, because the scandal in America is rarely economic. Colonialism is economic vampirism much like our own global sweat shop system.

Colonial elites at home and abroad, come in all shades of race. Obama may dream of his father, but his vision for the world comes from Queen Victoria, who also dreamed of Aghanistan, Iraq and Iran.