Last night’s Presidential debate exposed America to a Mitt Romney they didn’t know existed.

After months of being painted as a gaffe prone, aloof plutocrat, by millions of dollars in attack ads, a large percentage of the population had come to believe Mitt Romney was a heartless, CEO. A man who would steal the pennies off your dead mothers eyes if he got the chance.

But an animated, fully engaged and caring Mitt Romney appeared on the debate stage last night.  His warm smile and friendly demeanor, belied the shock and awe he had in store for Obama and his millions of supporters on the left.

Mitt Romney was clearly in control during the debate as he spoke his truth and would not allow it to be twisted by President Obama.

At one point Romney, was quick to correct a misstatement by the President when he said: “Mr. President you are entitled to your own plane and the Whitehouse, but not to the facts. I am not going to cut education if I become President.”

Years of being in the business world clearly showed that Mitt Romney could debate and counter punch without a script or notes, he spoke directly at President Obama, as the President looked down, seemingly searching for words on the notepad in front of him. 

President Obama rarely looked at Mitt Romney throughout the debate.  Perhaps it was a technique to show disdain for Romney.  But whatever the reason, it made President Obama look to be in a secondary position.
Upcoming Presidential and Vice Presidential debate schedule:

Vice Presidential debate   October 11

Presidential debate            October 16

Presidential debate            October 22

To the trained eye it seemed President Obama came in unprepared to dig deeper into issues than some of the standard sound bytes and statements he has repeated in the past.

But, more importantly, it seemed President Obama was clearly not ready to have to defend his record and he was not accustomed to being questioned like he was.  As President he has been shielded by a mostly compliant media and rarely asked a tough question.  As President he has been able to dismiss tough questions and rarely, if ever, was a follow up given.

President Obamas failure to produce a budget in three years has shown he does not have the  skill needed to compromise and work out a deal.  His rampant use of executive orders, and willfully not enforcing law he disagrees with, shows a willingness to bypass constitutional checks and balances in order to pursue political goals.  This attitude reflects a regal one rather than a presidential one…and that’s what was on stage last night.

Last nights performance showed clearly President Obama is much more comfortable with a teleprompter in front of him, lecturing and giving flowery speeches. 

One of the stark moments of the debate was when Obama claimed huge oil companies receive billions in tax subsidies.  Romney was able to quickly correct that misstatement by saying most of those credits went to small oil companies for their exploration expenses. But then he put the sledgehammer down saying: (paraphrased) “You spent 90 billion on green energy companies that have almost all failed and coincidentally the people affiliated with them happen to be large donors to you.”

Romney finished it off with: Those 90 billion dollars you wasted on failed green energy companies equaled 50 years of the oil tax credit.  Furthermore that 90 billion could have paid for the 2 million teachers you want to hire.”

The wailing and gnashing of teeth can be heard from the far left this morning.  Comedian, misogynist and 1 million dollar donor to the Obama campaign, Bill Maher said: “I can't believe I'm saying this, but Obamas performance clearly shows he needs a teleprompter. He did however make a lot of good points; unfortunately they were all in Romney’s favor.”

Far left celebrity and activist Michael Moore summed up his feeling about Obamas performance last night when he said: “More performances like last night and Obama will be voting for Romney.”

Another extremely important debate is coming November 5, at Duke University.  Although not presidential, this debate will expose the agenda behind the war on our energy sector.  It will expose why our nations wealth is being siphoned away by green energy schemes such as Solyndra, Fisker and a whole host of other names. Please visit this site for details Debate! McKibben vs. Epstein

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