President Barack Obama
President Obama will be delivering a State of the Union Speech tonight to a joint session of Congress and members of the Supreme Court.

From talking points being released, it is becoming obvious it will be a campaign speech more than a State of the Union speech. Instead of a unifying message of working together, it is expected that the President will be hitting hard on his theme of class warfare and his war on the straw men known as "the rich".

Expectations are he will be pointing fingers at the GOP controlled Congress as the "do nothings" for not kowtowing to his demands of more unbridled spending and stripping the military budget. Of course he will be overlooking the fact that the Senate & House are full of members of his party as well. What finger will he be pointing at them?

But a good offense is the best defense, as President Obamas promises to the American public have not materialized over the past three years. In reality the President has little to brag about for his first term in office and has no alternative but to attack others to take the focus off his record.
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President Obama promised he would cut the budget deficit in half in his first term. Nothing could be farther from the truth as our deficit has exploded under his leadership. Adding to the blatant unreality of his promise, is that the country hasn't even had a budget in the past 1,000 days of his Presidency. That in itself is an astounding failure to lead and is one of the most basic responsibilities of a leader.

He promised the economy would be his first priority in his Presidency and that jobs jobs jobs would be his main focus. But instead of focusing on the economy and jobs, he wasted his currency of good will in the beginnng of his Presidency and rammed through, in the most partisan way, a highly unpopular/ hugely expensive healthcare law. This law is his "crown jewel," but it has been sued by over 1/2 the states as an unconstitutional reach by him and his party. But in an ironic twist, the fate of his healthcare law is in the very hands of the Supreme Court Justices in the audience tonight. The same justices he insulted during a previous State of the Union Speech.

He most definitely deserves respect and congratulations on the killing of our nations top enemy, Osama Bin laden. He has also been a great backer of using drones to strike our enemies in the middle east/Africa. But it seems as if the rest of his foreign policy of selectively backing Arab springs in certain countries, is turning into a winter of crushed hopes for the people that longed for freedom. Iran is on the brink of obtaining nuclear weapons and choking off the worlds oil supply.

For the first time in our nations recent history, our credit worthiness has been downgraded by credit rating agencies. This downgrade is due to the fact that under his tenure, our politicians have failed to deal with the massive debt we have accumulated and cannot even get a budget.

Americans are still stinging by Obama's rejection of the shovel ready project that would have given us 20,000 jobs and brought us almost a million barrels of oil a day...The Keystone pipeline.

So besides the eloquent words we will hear tonight, underlying it all, is the reality of what we really face as a country.

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