Judging by the heading, this means the President will be turning his policies 180 degrees from where they have been over the past two years. To a bystander, this administration has seemed to be anti business, anti growth and pro big government every chance it got. The cherry on top was a massive health care bill turning 1/5 of the nations economy over to government controlled socialized medicine.

If the President is serious about making America competitive again, I can make a few quick suggestions, from my humble perspective:

Open up Americas vast oil and gas reserves that have been cordoned off to exploration by extreme environmentalists. Allow the development and extraction of huge oil reserves from Alaskas ANWR. This barren piece of land is close to already in place infrastructure on the North Slope and would be up and running quickly. We are like the crew of the ship adrift 100 miles off the coast of South America dying of thirst, but don’t have enough sense to lower down the bucket to get the fresh water that flows out to sea from the great Amazon river.

OK, America doesn’t export enough, so here’s a uniquely American product that we are awash in. We can export it which will instantly boost our production and make us competitive at the same time. This products export will have another effect beneficial to Americas economy, it will hamstring our competitors by decreasing their production. It will also hamper our competitors efficiency and endurance, kind of like putting a 50 lb. weight penalty on a horse race: Lets export 80% of our trial lawyers to foreign countries.

Lets lower taxes for all the taxpaying Americans. Encourage employment in America by lowering the tax rate for all American Corporations who manufacture products and employ American citizens in America.

Reform our education system! Promote, push and champion the hard sciences. We need to be at the cutting edge of technology and new ideas. Loosen the grip of educations organized labor and make our education system a merit based outcome system, rather than constraining it to conform to what the latest negotiated labor contracts are.

If I heard President Obama champion any of these ideas and actually follow through by executing them, I would become his greatest fan...OK I got a little carried away, maybe not his greatest yet, there are several other issues he has to deal with first, but any of these would be a great start.