Obama's plan to save college education

After years of claiming he was making a college education more affordable, last week President Obama finally came face to face with the reality of his efforts and proclaimed college education was too expensive.

Record numbers of students are taking out record amounts of loans and are now defaulting on those loans, discovering they cannot find jobs in his moribund economy. The colleges themselves are booming with unprecedented amounts of money flowing in, but the graduates are failing...So what's the metric here?

In response to this reality President Obama unveiled a new plan that he says will solve spiraling college education costs and help rescue students drowning in student loan debt used to pay for these educations.

But predictably, his plan is another huge dose of government intrusion that will only compound the meddling these policies already inflict on the education system.

His idea to set up a college rating system that will tie aid to the colleges that government bureaucrats feel are giving the best bang for the buck,  putting yet another layer of government on an already overburdened system.

This has all of the signs of government taking over yet another industry and nanny stating it into a politically correct arm of this administration….Determining who the education winners and losers are through bureaucratic regulation.

Typically, showing where President Obamas values really are, his policy will reward students who choose a career in government or working for tax exempt organizations. Those winners in the Obama social engineering system, will have their student loans cancelled after ten years….All others pay up or else.

In the brave new world of President Obama, if you become a government employee, you are elevated to a status above the rest of the hoi polloi.

These are exactly the kind of policies you would expect from someone who has no experience in the real world private sector….The sector that actually pays for government programs and can actually create the jobs that college graduates can  find a career in.

President Obamas plan doesn’t attack the root of the problem, but only props up and promotes a failed model.