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The Catholic Church is the Church built on the rock of Peter. It is the cradle of Christianity and the wellspring from which all sects of Christianity have sprung for almost 20 centuries.

No stranger to enemies, it's earliest believers are enshrined as martyrs. Those faithful ones died for their beliefs, rather than bend to powerful government leaders by renouncing those tenets. Many forces have assaulted the Church over the centuries and many have failed.

Today the Church has a new, powerful enemy of its core beliefs banging at their gate, President Obama. In his rush to implement the highly unpopular Obamacare legislation before the Supreme Court rules on its constitutionality, President Obama has decided to frontally assault the Catholic Church.

He is trying to force the Catholic church to pay for abortion procedures and contraception devices for any of its female employees. Obama decreed that these are women's "health rights" and should be provided free of charge by the Catholic institutions.
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Never mind that these services are already widely available throughout the United States and most of this is already provided free of charge to those that cannot afford it. Obama wants to force his ideology upon the church and make them provide services they are spiritually and morally opposed to.

It was a direct punch in the face to the Catholic religion and a basic assault on most of Christianity who agree with the right to life philosophy.

Of course, the President appeared to back track on his attack a few days later, with his late Friday announcement that the Church itself wouldn't have to pay for these services, but their insurance companies would have to. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows this doesn't change anything. The insurance companies will just increase the premiums on the church to cover the expense of these new imposed "benefits". To top the egregious insult to truth off, many, if not most of these religious organizations, self insure. President Obama and his advisers know all of this.

The President's "accommodation" towards the Church is all smoke and mirrors and Church leaders know it. They are not happy that these government impositions will be forced upon their institutions.

Other religious organizations have now stepped up to stand next to the Church, which many see as a separation of church and state issue. President Obama has drawn a line in the sand, it is going to be his way or the highway and he is marshaling his forces in the media to get his way.

Yet, no matter how grandiose or powerful President Obama thinks he is, he should take a moment to examine where he stands in the whole history of this Church.

The Church has been around for almost 2,000 years, and in spite of some of its present day problems, it is a powerful spiritual and institutional force. The United States has been in existence for just about 235 years and under Obama's leadership is in decline.

President Obama has awoken the sleeping giant. If I was a Vegas odds maker, my money would be on the Church.

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