The Supreme Court will rule this week whether President Obama's health care bill is constitutional and whether his Justice Department under embattled Eric Holder can stop Arizona from enforcing immigration law.

The administrations prestige is riding on the outcome of these decisions. 

Since the President has touted himself as a constitutional scholar, you would think a positive outcome for him is a foregone conclusion. But most legal experts have said Obamacare is an overreached Frankenstein monster of a law and flawed constitutionally as it forces citizens to purchase private insurance. 

The state of Arizona crafted their own immigration laws after finding the Obama administration was not cooperating with enforcing  federal immigration laws in their state.  Arizona found itself deluged with illegal immigrants and tried to do something about it, they enacted their own laws that mirrored federal laws.  The Obama Justice Department immediately sued them for doing so and now the case is ready to be ruled on.

Just one of these rulings in a session is momentous and there will be grave political consequences for President Obama if he loses.

Obama will take the heat and rightfully so, for devoting his time to ramming an unpopular health care bill down Americas throat, while the economy was melting down.  He will also be criticized for trying to intimidate and bully a state for trying to protect itself from an illegal immigrant invasion by passing a law that basically mirrors federal law. 

But the Obama administration has a third constitutional issue which is about to erupt unless it finds some way to stifle it. 

For the past year and a half the Congressional inquiry into the erupting scandal known as "Fast and Furious," has been hitting a brick wall with Attorney General Holder.  Congress has been looking into the gun running, murders & arming of drug cartels on our border with Mexico.  The Obama administration has only given paltry cooperation with the committee and refused to hand over key evidence which could show who was responsible in the administration and what was at the root cause of the operation.

Due to the Attorney Generals intransigence  and non cooperation with the key watchdog of the people, Congress next week is to hold a full scale vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.  President Obama, apparently in an attempt to protect the incriminating documents from being revealed, has exerted executive privilege to try to circumvent the Congressional investigators right to know.

This week will define if our country is a constitutional republic governed by laws, checks and balances....Or a sort of hybridized monarchy whose constitution can be skirted by a popular President who uses executive orders, regulation and selective enforcement of existing law to achieve his goals.

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