As America gets assaulted with one scandal after another surrounding the Obama administration, there is speculation more is to come….And that speculation adds fuel to a bonfire of suspicion that this administration would stop at nothing to win its' re-election.
The 2012 presidential election was really not decided on a national level, it was always about who could take the edge in the deciding 9 swing/battleground states.
According to polls leading up to the election, the race was razor thin between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in many of those important states.
Hindsight is 20/20 and if the public knew in November 2012, what it knows today, would the election results have been different?
A characteristic lack of curiosity by the main stream media into any malfeasance by the Obama administration helped the President.  This lack of curiosity helped quell outrage by the American public just prior to the election, as our Libyan Ambassador was killed.  The cover story and the cover up by the administration to hide the magnitude of failure in foreign policy should have been a major campaign issue. But this news was suppressed with the aid and abetting of the major media.
Perhaps there is an easy answer when you see the inbreeding between the White House and influential members of the main stream media....The connections are astounding. Read the full story here in the Washington Post
Suppose the latest scandal of IRS targeting of conservative organizations and individual donors had been exposed back in 2010-2011 and brought to a halt?  As more gets revealed on this scandal it seems this was a deliberate attempt to suppress a major segment of opposition to the Obama campaign. 

How much of a difference did it make in organizing voter turn out and support for the Romney campaign?  Romney received 2-3 million votes less than McCain did in 2008.  Perhaps if the TEA Party and other conservative groups weren’t being bullied by the federal government, they could have at least boosted voter turnout and matched voter numbers of 2008. See conservative vote was suppressed
Many states prior to the 2012 elections had been trying to clean up their voter rolls as well as help stop vote fraud by requiring picture ID in order to vote.  This was in response to widespread suspicion and reports of tainted elections due to vote fraud.  But the Justice Department under Eric Holder, fought these safeguards tooth and nail and filed suit to delay any changes.  Did not having strengthened voter ID laws and other safeguards have an effect on the election?  Did precincts in heavily Democrat areas reporting 140% voter turnout help sway the outcome See Holder blocks Voter ID at every turn.

The recent revelation of how the NSA has collected and stored email and phone communications of millions of Americans is disturbing. Especially when coupled with the knowledge of how this administration has used the IRS and other government agencies to target political foes. 
Would it be too much of a stretch to think the administration wouldn’t tap into this massive data base to help get itself elected?
From today’s World Net Daily: According to U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif , Barack Obama now holds a database “no one has ever seen before in life” that has “information about everything on every individual.” It's a fact Obamas election team had use of massive amounts of data that gave them an edge in the election.

It's disturbing to know Waters made her statement back in February of 2012 long before the election and long before we were aware of this administrations abuse of power.

Any of the above factors individually, could have helped tip the election in Obamas favor in just a few of the close battleground states.  But if you add them all together, it makes it an unbeatable combination.