President Obama decided to arbitrarily change our immigration policy when he signed an executive order  bypassing existing law. 

 If America is going to change it's immigration laws, it must be done with the cooperation of all branches of our government.

Yes Mr. President, you and others in Congress wanted to pass an amnesty law known as the Dream Act.  But it never made it through that pesky Congress the American people voted in to represent them.  But just because Congress didn't pass a law that you wanted enacted,  doesn't give you the power to flaunt the will of the people and snub them by signing an "executive order."

President Obama stated in a speech several months ago that the existing law and constitution prevents him from making changes to our immigration law.   Our country is a constitutional republic with 3 separate but equal branches of government, law needs to be approved by all 3. Evidently President Obama woke up this morning, looked at his falling poll numbers and decided to be King.
Being king is much more convenient and less messy than being a President.

Yes America has an illegal immigration problem because our borders are porous and our existing laws are being ignored. The motives behind this are many, but one glaring reason is that it is being done for political purposes.
At a time when unemployment rate among American citizens is said to be in the 14% range, it is an insult to those struggling financially and out of work, to give as many as a couple of million here in the United States illegally, legal status.  They will compete for the few precious jobs available and further burden our social systems. 

This "back door, on the path to amnesty" signed by executive order, is a dangerous precedent for our country.  Congress and the rest of America need to stand up and tell President Obama, he is not the king.

This country was explicitly founded on the notion that we don't have royalty, we rejected it in 1776 and we reject it now in 2012.

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