This Thursday, the IIIC is pleased to host Angila Chada, BA, Dip, MSc, Executive Director of Springboard Opportunities Limited, for a presentation and discussion on the current situation in Northern Ireland.
Chada’s work over the years has focused on working with communities in an effort to raise awareness, build peace, and promote diversity. In a demonstration of her commitment to charitable giving, she established the Raj Darshna Foundation in 2012, which aims to help local young people and the elderly. Chada has been at Springboard since its inception in 1992.
Springboard Opportunities is based in Belfast and is dedicated to mutual understanding and peace building efforts. Among their many programs is Wider Horizons, for which the IIIC is an overseas provider.
Please join us on Thursday, April 11th in the IIIC Vault, 100 Franklin Street, Downtown Boston to hear from Angila Chada. Breakfast will be at 7:30, with the presentation and discussion from 8:00-9:00. Space is limited, so we kindly request that an RSVP is sent to