Could a singles carriage on New York City's subway work?

Is the Prague idea right for New York or Boston?

What idea you ask.

Ropid, the company which controls the Prague rail system announced last week that they are considering fitting their trains with cars reserved for singles looking to meet people.

The company says it would like to initiate the service by the end of this year.

A corporate spokesman, Filip Drapal, told Reuters that the idea was meant to entice more people to use public transportation.

"We want to emphasize that public transport is not only a means of travel but that you can do things there that you cannot do in your car," says Drapal.

Some are now wondering if such an idea can work in the US, especially in cities with large commuter rail systems such as New York and Boston.

“I usually drive to work,” says Anthony P. a single from Long Island.

“I work as an NYPD officer in Brooklyn. I would have to take the Long Island Railroad and a subway to get to work,” claims Anthony.

“Since I’m not married and I don’t have a girlfriend, I would definitely consider taking the train if I could meet somebody.”

Andrea, a 36-year-old divorced woman from the Melrose area of Boston had a different take on the idea.

“I met my ex-husband on a bus while I was attending college here. He turned out to be a real bastard so I have no desire to meet anyone on public transportation. Thank you, but I’ll stick with driving to work with the radio on.”