The American people spoke loud and clear last November when they overturned the status quo of both parties and voted in 87 new citizen legislators. These freshmen/women vowed to bring some sanity to the swampland known as Washington DC. These new legislators see what the budget really is: A vote buying machine designed to keep the established political interests in power.

What is so evil about the country living within its means and having a balanced budget?

Some are saying the divide in America is greater than it has ever been, "a divide between those who work for a living...and those who vote for a living".

Washington is a checkerboard of special interests who pull the pork their way without regard for the general good of America. The Tea Party group of freshmen is a special interest group devoted to the common good of America...Isn't it about time America had it's own special interest group in the capital?

The usual bribery, cajoling, behind the scenes deals and outright bullying seem to have little effect on these freshmen. Seems the usual plum committee assignment, or pork barrel project for their district is not going to alter their campaign promise to their constituents. They are demanding change out of Washington and holding firm.... and Washington has been listening.

In Washington DC where up is down and down is up, where cut really means increase and balanced budget depends on what the meaning of is, is......Special interests squeal like indignant hogs when their government trough gets threatened and lawmakers scatter.

Simple math tells us we have a major problem, we are spending more than a thousand billion more than we take in, just to keep the doors open and the government/nanny state in operation.

Established long term Washington politicians, have aired their attitude toward the new legislators. SE Cupp said, "My head is going to explode", while watching John Kerry on MSNBC: "He's telling the 87 freshman to stay out of it", "We know what we're doing."......Really?

Isn't it the long time, deal making, entrenched politicians of DC that got us into this mess in the first place?

Senators from both parties called this week for the president to become more involved.

“We need leadership,’’ said Senator Scott Brown, Massachusetts Republican. “The president needs to be engaged in these things; he needs to sit down at the table and come up with a compromise that shows true, real leadership in tackling these budget proposals.’’

Well Senator Brown, you might not have gotten the message, but it seems the reason why the budget is in such an impasse is because President Obama got in the middle of negotiations.

Congressman Sonny Bono said "he longed for the sincerity and sanity of Hollywood after serving in Washington DC for a year". I am sure our new citizen legislators, fresh to the scene know exactly what Mr. Bono was talking about.

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