Calling all who bear the name Power - or Powers, De Paor or any other variation on this proud and ancient Irish moniker. The Clan is Gathering, on 31 May next, at Dunhill Castle, County Waterford, the place of origin of all Powers in or originally from Ireland. That was the message brought to Boston last week by Dr. Wally Kirwan, a retired senior official in the Department of the Taoiseach in Dublin who spent 30 years working towards a settlement in Northern Ireland, now a member of the group organizing and promoting the Power Clan Gathering over 31 May - 4 June, as part of the nationwide Gathering 2013 in Ireland. Power is the most numerous surname in County Waterford but also in Eastern Newfoundland, which Dr. Kirwan also visited, as well as Toronto. But many Irish emigrants to Newfoundland, after a generation or two there, moved on to Boston, elsewhere in Massachusetts and neighbouring States in New England, still referred to in Newfoundland as '' the Boston States ''. Originally organised in their own clubs and societies, these '' two - boaters '' have, in the last generation or two, become absorbed into the general population that is conscious of sharing an Irish heritage. 

Dr. Kirwan told The Irish Emigrant that his Steering Committee are especially eager to invite and attract a substantial contingent of these '' two - boaters '' and their descendants to Co. Waterford for the Power Clan Gathering. And not only Powers but also all '' linked to them by blood, marriage, kin and affection '' or, indeed, any visitors who wish to participate in what will be a great celebration andd a fun time. Dr. Kirwan stressed that there is a wonderful, varied programme of events arranged for this Gathering including a feast of Irish music, song and dancing, with some great concerts planned as well as great sporting occasions, including horse - racing and an exhibition hurling match; talks on Power history and visits to their castles and stately homes, some still lived in by direct descendants of the Norman Powers who came to Ireland in 1170 AD; a re-enactment of a medieval Power battle; and tours throughout scenic Co. Waterford and neighbouring counties, including the Waterford Crystal factory and showrooms and New Ross, Co. Wexford, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the visit to his nearby ancestral homestead by President John F Kennedy.

Dr. Kirwan recalled that the late Dave Powers was one of President Kennedy's closest confidantes, accompanied him on his 1963 visit to Ireland and was later Curator of the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. Kirwan was happy to see that, still today, the Powers are not far from political power, with Ms. Rosemary Powers serving as Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Daniels ! Full information on the Power Gathering is on its web site,, which also outlines the history of the Power Clan and the lives and achievements of many noted Powers. There is a saying in the Irish language : '' Beidh la eile ag an bPaorach ''. Literally translated, it means '' Power will have another day '' but the more common sense of the phrase is : '' We'll rise again '' ! That is the spirit, Dr Kirwan said, in which this Power Clan Gathering is being held, as Ireland begins to emerge from economic recession.