Chase Bank's recent promise that it would consider providing Irish Gaelic interfaces at its ATMs in Queens neighborhoods has excited many in Ireland who appreciate being recognized abroad, especially at a favorite tourist destination like New York.

Recent studies show that the Irish contribute enormously to New York's economy. As visitors, Irish travellers rank number 13 among all nations with more than a quarter million choosing New York City for vacation last year.

The images below were taken by Paul de Grae, Daithí Mac Lochlainn and Seán Ó hAdhmaill at Bank of Ireland ATMs.

The language option "Gaeilge" is currently available on ATMs in the Republic of Ireland. Delays in the Language Act--a central pilar of the Peace Process in northern Ireland--have slowed moves there in violation of agreed timetables.
The Chase ATM pictured above is from the bank across the street in Queens from the New York Irish Centre, an obvious testing spot for Irish optioned ATM machines here in the States.
Time to put in your "uimhir aitheantais phéarsanta." ATMs are mannerly, so "cuir isteach" put it in "le do thoil," please. And remember "brú CLEAR" if you make "má dhéanann tú" a "botún" or "a mistake."
"Roghnaigh le do thoil." "Choose please." "Brú" or "push" whatever cash amount you want (and can afford).

"duillín faisnéise" is your "receipt" and this menu is encouraging you to take the environmental approach and "lean ort" or "continue" without "clóigh" or "printing" out the little slip of paper. If a receipt, however, is "uait" or you "need" one ("it is ó/from you"), "brúigh rogha an duillín" "press the receipt choice." But remember to keep the area around the ATM "cothaithe" "maintained" and discard the slips in the "bruscar" or "trash" afterwards.