High Priest of global warming Al Gore, had an obscenity laced meltdown at the Aspen Institute the other day. The outburst only mirrors the desperation his movement is experiencing. More and more question the "science" behind his scientific/religious crusade.

I think we all remember the heart breaking ad that depicted the poor Polar Bear paddling in the open ocean. Paddling about aimlessly because (supposedly) there wasn't any ice left for him to roam on? The ice caps were melting due to AGW (Man caused Global Warming) and it was just a matter of time before there was no ice left....anywhere.

The clip ended and the pitiful bears demise was left to our vivid imaginations. Many pictured the poor bear would soon tire and drown, the last you would see of him would be his paw waving above the water one last time before he slipped to the icy depths. Or equally horrible, he would be torn apart by Orcas and Great White sharks.

A convenient bit of information was left out of the ad though....Polar bears can swim 60 miles across open ocean to travel from one ice pack to another, they are at home in the ocean. Of course many urban dwellers don't know that"inconvenient truth" about these hardy bears and jump to conclusions.

Well there happens to be a federal probe underway investigating the "science" used to scare the world about the melting ice caps. It has the "environmental community", or"industry" as some like to call it, very nervous. Here is a link to the story:

After the ad aired on national television, Desperate viewers pleaded for the federal government to do SOMETHING to help the poor bears before they all drowned....or worse. At least get the poor bears on the endangered species list.

The White House acted by ensuring the bears were placed on the "threatened" list, but not the endangered list, claiming there wasn't any scientific evidence to prove the bears were endangered. They were not going to be buffaloed into making a knee jerk decision on this.

The blockbuster revelations known as "Climategate" a couple of years ago, brought to light that the main scientific institute, University of East Anglia, used doctored data to bolster Al Gores man made global warming claims. Since that time, it has been one embarrassment after another, for the religion of AGW.

NASA, NOAA, and other agencies charged with the study of climate have had to backtrack on previous data that they had furnished. Temperature taking locations around the world once set in areas "out in the sticks" are now in the middle of urban build up, surrounded by concrete and asphalt which make temperatures rise in those locations. Main stream, recognized scientists from all over the world disagree with the "science" used to bolster the claim of man made global warming.

Record setting snowfalls, colder than normal temperatures, longer winter like conditions, all fly in the face of the AGW crowds claims.....Oh and BTW the Polar Bear population is just fine, ask the hikers in Norway.

But disturbingly, in spite of all of the contrary science and facts available, the Obama administration is peppered with warmist "believers" who are shaping our energy future using the bogus data provided by the AGW crowd, to shut down our proven energy resources. Sad.

8/17 update: Presidential candidate Rick Perry: Global warming 'based on scientists manipulating data': http://www.gopusa.com/news/2011/08/17/perry-global-warming-based-on-scientists-manipulating-data/?subscriber=1

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