Obamacare isn't the only news going!

Would someone kindly tell the Fox News Channel that there are far more important stories to cover than the Obamacare fiasco. 

I’m sorry but I can’t watch their damn newscasts and commentary anymore. There are important stories affecting the lives of billions of people throughout the world, yet show after show, the Fox organization obsesses with the failures and potential failures of Obamacare and its deeply flawed initial rollout.

The website is unacceptably dysfunctional. I get that. Some people (apparently 3 to 5 percent) will have to change health plans because the insurance companies are canceling them. I get that. Some will pay more for policies forced to comply with mandated additional benefits while others will see a reduction in premiums. I get that. Some are happy with the changes that the scheme brings and others are not. I get that. In time, the program may have to be changed and amended to fix problems which will undoubtedly arise. I get that.

But please. For decades the world faced Armageddon with the US and Soviet Union pointing enough nuclear missiles at each other to destroy the planet many, many times over. In an all out war, all human life would cease to exist. We survived that.

All we are talking about are health insurance policies for god’s sake. We as a nation will survive these changes. We are not that weak and not that stupid.

Remember – no missiles have left their silos. Please tell Fox.