Fight Like Apes have been confirmed for a “Live At Facebook Dublin” gig, which takes place on the aforementioned social networking company’s roof on Tuesday, September 13.  While it’s only Facebook employees and roosting pigeons that’ll be able to attend, all-comers will be able to watch live from 9 p.m. at

The band is celebrating the release of their cheekily-titled new album, The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner, a fizzy joyride of synch-driven pop and punk.
“Come on, let’s talk about our feelings/I don’t care if everything you say is meaningless,” singer Mary Kate “Mayday” Geraghty coos on “Let’s Talk About Our Feelings.”

She sounds flirty, bored, and sarcastic all at the same time, a vibe that calls to mind Debbie Harry’s Blondie or Dale Bozzio’s Missing Persons (other female singers that rode the synthesizer riffs all the way to the bank).

She is joined by Jamie Fox (keyboards) and Tom Ryan (bass). The band has been indie darlings for years, touring with the Prodigy and Kasbian at a number of independent festivals.

In their bio, they claim influences that include B-movies, wrestling and computer games; the music is so quirky that you can actually hear those influences if you listen hard enough!

The guitars get cranky on “Jenny Kelly,” a girl who is “famous for your awkward smile/your purple hair/your wayward style.”

Like most tracks on The Body of Christ, the songs are constructed with jittery beats, razor sharp chords and euphoric synth solos. “Captain A Bomb” has a halting beat that calls to mind ska, and “Indie Monster,” an hilarious track that gives advice like “don’t say f***” on your albums, say truck or duck instead” if you fancy yourself an independent musician.

“Waking Up With Robocop” uses everything including the kitchen sink for percussion -- ringing phones, chains dragging on concrete, while “Hoo Ha Henry” has a striptease beat as the electronic gadgetry pulses in the background. If you gene spliced the digital cool of the Eurythmics with the zany wide-eyed looniness of Katy Perry you’d be able to make music like this!

Fight Like Apes is one of the most innovative bands to come across this reviewer’s desk in many moons. Log onto Facebook on the 13th and see for yourself or check them out on