After one week, Paul Ryan has been spectacular as Mitt Romney's running mate. Ryan, quick out of the starting gate, has engaged in the battle of ideas and has been quick to point out that President Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act, stole 716 billion from Medicare in order to hide the real expenses of his Obamacare.

Ryan's expertise on budgetary matters and his direct likeable personality, has set the Obama campaign back on its heels.  They were in the process of painting Romney/Ryan as heartless to seniors ready to roll Granny off the healthcare cliff, when they got a 100 MPH  Ryan fastball right across the plate.

What's devastating to the Obama campaign is that Paul Ryan knows every little detail in the chicanery used to foist Obamacare on the nation.  Exposing the theft of 716 billion from seniors Medicare, is just the first pitch in this ballgame.

Today Paul Ryan is in front of thousands of cheering seniors at the worlds largest retirement community in Florida.  He introduced his 78 year old mother to the crowd and explained how he wants the best for his mom and the rest of Americas seniors. He pledged that Romney/Ryan will preserve their Medicare and Social Security and will ensure healthcare and retirement security for future generations of Americans.

In stark contrast to Paul Ryan's energetic day, Vice President Joe Biden was at home in Delaware where he was sent by President Obama. Seems Obama political strategists think its best to keep Joe out of the spotlight after a speech designed to fire up racial dissension against Romney/Ryan backfired terribly on Joe and brought unexpected negativity back on Obama/Biden campaign.

Biden tried to taint Romney/Ryan as racially insensitive by inferring their plan to restore fiscal sanity to the nation would put African Americans back in chains. You could hear groans from the mostly black group in Virginia as Biden made the remark.  But to add insult to injury, Biden said the smear with a southern drawl.  Afterwards many American black leaders of all political persuasions expressed outrage at the attempt to try to link Romney/Ryan with chains and slavery.

Of course the usual Democrat spin doctors tried to play it off as just another one of "likeable Joe's" many gaffes, but it looked like he was reading from a prepared speech.  Isn't a gaffe an impromptu slip of speech?

It was clear, Bidens "gaffe" was in response to the huge surge in popularity and energy Paul Ryan brought to the Romney campaign.  Equally clear was how seriously the Obama campaign saw the threat of Ryan's addition to the ticket by their willingness to use the race card. Sadly for them, it boomeranged and exposed them to ridicule.

To further illuminate the desperation the Obama campaign feels after Biden "gaffe," rumors swirled Hillary Clinton had been offered the Vice President spot on the Obama ticket.  The same sources say Hillary turned it down because she is burned out from being Secretary of State and feels it might taint her chances at running for President in 2016....It's all about her.

President Obama, in an attempt to get attention off of Bidens gaffe and dismal economic news, tried to focus attention on Romney's tax returns and making that an issue to muddy the waters. But that ploy seems to be ringing hollow with Americans as they start to look around and notice the Obama/Biden ticket hasn't delivered on the many flowery promises they made back in 2007.

Paul Ryan's articulate explanation of his economic reforms, stand in sharp contrast to Joe Bidens race baiting, insensitive gaffes.

Americans can see a clear choice and will remember this in November.

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