Paul McCartney (Q Magazine)
You gotta love a rock star knight and the way he asserts his supremacy without doing so at the expense of others.

During their nineties heyday, Oasis routinely compared themselves to the Beatles and Stones, offering on a weekly basis to get the old codgers in a ring, etc.

Paul McCartney was recently interviewed by Q magazine on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ single “Please Please Me.”

"I'm actually kind of honored -- they could be copying anyone -- even when things happen like Oasis saying, 'We are the next Beatles,’” McCartney said.

“But I also think, 'Listen lads, you can't say that. And don't say that, because it's probably the kiss of death!’ In Oasis' case, I think it was coming from them. In others, it's the record label or management and that's never a good idea -- the poor band! Now go and do better than the Beatles did. Not an easy task."

On that point there is no argument!

Check out The Beatles performing 'Please Please Me" here: