I happened to tune in today when two conservative commentators were on the air, Sean Hannity and Patrick J. Buchanan. They were expressing their opinions on the new US budget proposed by President Obama. The budget has a 1.65 Trillion deficit , yes that's a T!!! We are spending 1.65 Trillion more than what we take in, borrowing more from the Chinese communists and getting ourselves more in the hole, to the value of 15 trillion dollars.

President Obama says he has made cuts to the budget with a scalpel, which may be true, however the size of this deficit requires a chain saw. The smoke and mirrors and budget tricks make it seem that this is only play money. If this is the best the President can do, then he has abrogated his responsibilities. He does not seem to have the courage to get this deficit under control.

America has maxed out its credit cards. I suppose we will be asking Uncle Hu very nicely(again) just maybe he can raise our credit limit? He might have to charge us a point or two though, but what's a point or two? (1 point of interest on 14 trillion is how many zeroes?)

Buchanan said "in political circles it may be considered clever and smart for the President to let others make the financial tough decisions and let them take the heat, but our country is at risk".

In a way only Patrick Buchanan could say it, he went on: "This is deadly serious and not the time for silly political games. It is time for a bold leader not a wishy washy politician".

The President is elected to lead and make responsible decisions for our country. Sometimes those decisions will anger different segments of the population, sometimes everyone will be angry, but that goes with the territory of being President. . This is not the U.S. or Illinois Senate, where you are just one of many.

There is no where to hide. You can't vote present when you are President.