You usually need a passport to go to new and favorite destinations. But Hugh O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Malden is going to give you a special passport to enjoy some of the finest whiskeys/whiskys from Scotland, Ireland and America starting next week. And it’s all from the comfort of your seat at the pub!

The Whisk(e)y World Tour begins on Monday, July 23 at 7 p.m. in America with a tasting of 6 Bourbon whiskeys. On August 20 we’re off on a virtual trip to Scotland with a half-dozen Scotch whiskys in the lineup. And on Sept. 17 (halfway to St. Paddy’s Day), we honor the ould sod with a sampling of six Irish whiskeys.

You’ll receive a special whiskey passport to get stamped each time you attend. If you come to 2 tastings you’ll qualify for discounts for a future tasting. Come to all three and you can win dinner for two at O’Neill’s. Presented by whiskey specialists All About The Craic, Inc., the tastings are fun and engaging to new, casual and experienced whiskey drinkers alike.

The fee at each tasting is $50/person and includes dinner. Members of the Irish Whiskey Society of America receive special discounts. Non-drinkers, non-whiskey drinkers and designated drivers are always welcome with the reduced “Pioneer” fee.

For more information and to book your whisk(e)y “itinerary” go to
So come to one or more tastings at O’Neill’s, and don’t forget to say, Passport, please.”