Breaking: News sources report that the head of Al Quaeda, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed.

The man responsible for the murder of over three thousand Americans by using hijacked passenger airplanes full of living passengers and fuel then slamming them into buildings.....has died a violent death himself at the hands of American special forces.

Many New Yorkers were killed that day of September 11, many Irish and Irish Americans among them.

Fire Departments were decimated when the Towers collapsed and buried these heroes along with people stranded in the buildings.

The scenes of people jumping from burning buildings and landing in the streets below will be etched in our mind forever. The smells of the burning jet fuel, building materials and death will last forever.

Today we find that after almost ten years of searching for justice, that American armed forces have served that justice on the murderer of our citizens.

Thank you President Obama, President Bush, our brave armed forces, our intelligence agencies and our allies around the world who have helped us in our search for this murderer.