As any visitors to these shores this past weekend could tell you the weather has been fantastic. Forget all that moaning about the cold - this weekend we had mid-summer temps. (And, yes forecast is for them to head in reverse, but the memories of this weekend will sustain us for a while.}

The weather was tremendous on Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't too shabby on Friday or Monday either. And today again, sunny and warm, down to mid-60s from the weekend's highs in the mid-70s, but in Ireland mid-60s is a pretty warm day.

On these warm days you have to open the windows of course. Back door too on the really warm days - like this weekend. I've lived here long enough to feel like I'm melting when the temperature hits 74°F.

The only downside to all this is the lack of screens on the windows. No screendoors either. I don't really know why, but the most common windows - those that seem to be on at least 95% of houses - don't have screens and can't have screens. To open them you turn a handle and push out the window. You couldn't put a screen on such a window. Oh maybe you could, but I can't see how. Regardless, I've never seen window screens here.

There are no mosquitos in Ireland, unlike where I grew up, which probably explains why we have no window screens. Still, I get fed up chasing flies and moths and the occasional wasp out of the house. Screens would save me that hassle.

Don't take me the wrong way. It's a little hassle. I'm not longing for the cold weather to return.