Previously, when asked to testify in the Benghazi murder investigation of our personnel, Mrs. Clinton claimed she was busy on a pre planned wine tasting trip to Australia.   

This time, just before she is scheduled to appear at the re scheduled date, she claims she has a “concussion” and will not be able to face questioners. 

This latest excuse will run out the clock on her term as Secretary of State.  She has said she will agree to testify at a “future hearing,” but declined to say when that date would be.

Hillary and her allies in politics/media, reinforce the impression they believe Americans are stupid, don’t care and suffer from Alzheimer’s disease…by the collective yawns in the main stream media, perhaps they are right.

But this is Hillary; she has a track record of putting out whoppers.

Hillary has skated through countless tales that would stretch the incredulity radar of anyone ambulatory and conscious enough to have a sense of propriety and end the careers of most public figures.

But that’s not the criteria for those in the media and politics that hold Hillary to a different standard….she gets a free pass on all of it.

But these last few months should raise the hackles on all Americans who care whether their officials have any shred of integrity or accountability.  In this case, Americans were murdered and many were wounded.  Authorities who are trying to get to the truth of this horrific event are being scoffed at by this administration, including Hillary.  This is not a joke and many American citizens are outraged by the utter disregard they feel the victims are being given. See Benghazi should end careers

Americans want to know why American embassy and staff were left basically defenseless.   Who made those decisions and why?  Even though every other country had removed their embassy staff because it was too dangerous…ours remained vulnerable as a target for Al Quaeda on the anniversary of 9/11.

Why repeated calls from the murdered Ambassador for more security, were ignored…Even on the day of the attack 9-11-12 he put out a call for additional security.

Why were US armed forces and personnel in the vicinity of Benghazi told not to come to the beleaguered consulate while it was under attack?  Who gave that order?

Why were nearby fighter aircraft not called in to aid in the defense of the consulate? The Navy SEALs at the consulate had laser technology that could have guided precision air strikes and broke the attack.

Why have high ranking US military personnel in that part of the area, been summarily removed from their posts and are not testifying?

Why are the wounded Americans in the attack being kept away from investigators and not able to provide their eye witness testimony?

After 3 months we still have no answers and to let Hillary and this administration off the hook by not having to testify under oath,  is a slap in the face to all Americans.