Just days before the McKibben vs Epstein environmental debate, November 5, at Duke University, a bombshell rocked the environmental community. Read more: "Michael Mann Retracts False Nobel Prize Claims in Humiliating Climbdown."

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The Nobel Prize committee declared Penn States Professor, Michael Mann, has falsely claimed to be a recipient of the Nobel Prize; He never received an award from them.  Both he and Penn State  have been claiming for years, his Nobel status to boost his scientific prestige and credibility.

To Mann, the litigious creator of the climate “Hockey Stick” graph, this is an extreme blow to any scientific credibility he may have had.  The "hockey stick graph" was used by Al Gore  and others to convince us we were on the verge of climate catastrophe,  One critic stated: “Michael Mann is another black mark against anyone involved in “climate science.”

Penn State, still reeling from a sex scandal that threatened its accreditation, suffers another huge blow to its reputation. But the taint of Penn States scandal will  now waft over the environmental movement, which has used Manns science to further its war against fossil fuels.  This latest scandal throws into question the validity of the science behind the “climate change” movement.

There is a huge, well funded, well coordinated movement throughout the United States, set on the goal of completely killing our use of fossil energy.  One of the main public spokesman and virulent foes of fossil energy is Bill McKibben.  McKibben recently stated fossil fuel is public enemy #1 and has vowed to destroy our fossil based energy industry, source of 85% of our power.

But the fossil energy industry is not without its defenders and Alex Epstein has stepped up to the plate to defend what he calls “The foundation of our civilization: abundant and affordable energy.”
 When Epstein read an article in Rolling Stone Magazine,  declaring McKibben’s intent to declare fossil fuels public enemy #1 and his plan to mount a major campaign to make them practically illegal….Epstein decided to challenge him in a public debate. Epstein said; The war against fossil fuels is societal suicide.”

Epstein is an energy expert and President of the Center for Industrial Progress, a think tank that champions energy growth.  With scientific facts of its own to bolster its pro energy argument and history as a  guidepost to the beneficial use of fossil fuels for mankind…Epstein is a formidable spokesman to stand toe to toe with one of the lefts most high profile foes of fossil energy.

McKibben is recognized as one of the key people influencing President Obamas decision to delay the building of the Keystone Pipeline.  When he publicly states he wants to make the use of fossil fuels illegal, it is a reflection of an overall strategy to fundamentally transform our society. 

In a Bill McKibben world, our energy would be supplied mainly by windmills and solar. Historically and at present technological levels, these forms of energy could not put a dent in the energy needs of our advanced society.  This means civilization would have to become more primitive and a large segment of our population would revert to manual labor focused on farming.

Alex Epstein totally disagrees with this vision.

“In this debate, I want the public to know the truth about what will benefit their lives and what will harm it.  My goal is to put a stop on the attack on fossil fuels & reverse this fight.  I want to create a new generation of energy champions.”

The militancy of the war on fossil energy, brings a huge price tag with it.  Already there are job losses in coal which is under assault.  Gasoline is double the price it was 4 years ago and utility rates will skyrocket as rate payers are forced to pay the subsidies given to "green energy," which McKibben and his allies want to force on society.

Epstein says:  "The last thing true scientifically is, we need to destroy our energy supply. That is the least scientific statement a human could make and is the most suicidal statement a human could make."  “Bill McKibben and his movement are free to make us an offer in the free market of ideas…. let them convince us.  But they don’t have the right to force us, or give us an order.”

This debate is a rare opportunity for the public to witness the clash of powerful ideas that are being used to re-shape our civilization.  With professor Manns  loss of stature in the scientific community, the climate change movement has a lot to answer for and we will expect answers November 5.