Guinness drinkers are putting down their pints and picking up their iPhones to post their praises for their favorite brew. Over the past year, Guinness got more shout-outs from social media users than any other beer, according to a new social media analytics report from Amplicate.

The full report, “Public Opinion on Popular Beer Brands on Social Media,” will set you back $199, but you can take a few sips from it here for free.

Guinness is most loved beer on social media with 82 percent of opinions expressing enthusiasm for the Irish favorite. Social media users made a positive association between Ireland, pubs and Guinness that led to a flood of positive comment for the world's most famous stout.

But nothing got social media users talking positively about beer more than beer companies' marketing. Social media users loved to discuss beers' marketing efforts or commercials on social media, Amplicate found.

Amplicate's report shows that fans of popular beer brands were not only more vocal than beer brands' detractors but their opinions reverberated farther through cyberspace. The average fan of beer brands had 763 friends or followers on social media, while the average detractor had only 430 friends or followers.

Though Guinness no longer makes the claim it's good for you, it shines online, rising to the top of the instant-gratification, real-time world of Twitter, Google + and Facebook--not bad for a two-and-a-quarter century old brewery with 8,748 years left on its lease, and for a pint that takes two dial-up modem minutes to download…I mean pour.

Happy Thanksgiving!

First Guinness TV ad, 1955